Tool Klean Anti-Microbial UVC Light Stik

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The Anti-Microbial UVC Light Stik features digital controls with 5/15/30 minute timer, automatic shut off safety feature, and rechargeable battery with an adapter.  Each UVC Stik kit includes special eye protective glasses, skin protective gloves, and a bulb cleaning cloth.  The powerful 4-watt UVC bulb is wrapped in Shatterproof Safety Film (SSF) to protect against breakage.  The UVC Stik is portable, compact, and great for travelers. 

The UVC Light Stik is EPA / FCC compliant. Our products are produced in an EPA Establishment factory in Florida made with imported parts. Note:  EPA regulates all appliances that kill germs as pesticide devices, and they can only be produced by an EPA registered establishment with the proper claims and labeling.  FCC regulates all appliances that include light bulb fixtures with ballasts and requires testing and certification. It is illegal to sell or import any product that is not compliant to EPA, FCC regulations.  All Tool Klean products comply with the new safety standards set by the PPGSA.

*MicroChem lab testing results for the UV Light Stik are as follows:  S. aureus bacteria kill 99.99%, T. interdigitale ringworm kill 99.9997%.  Additional efficacy lab testing results are available upon request, email info@toolklean.com  

Caution:  We recommend the use of UV safety glasses while operating.  Do not look at the light or allow skin exposure.  Do not allow animals, fish, plants, birds, reptiles or people to be exposed.  Not recommended for medical/hospital use as an alternative to disinfecting procedures.