#80 Resco Medium Comb 6" x 1.5" Teeth




LIGHT WEIGHT--YET STRONG! We've designed our aluminum comb handles to look great and feel comfortable in your hand. Our steel pins are press-fitted into a brass shank and then nickel-plated. This assembly is then attached to our aluminum handle to create a strong and durable grooming comb. The popular No. 80 comb is back in the RESCO line up. We've created an all-new aluminum extruded, contoured handle that is both light weight and strong. The comfort fit handle is designed so it rests perfectly in your hand. The #80 comb is made with the same detail and quality that is incorporated in all RESCO products. The hardened steel tapered pins are press-fitted into a brass shank then are both chrome plated for long lasting protection and easy cleaning.