Grooming Stone, 2" x 2" x 3.5"




STRIPPING STONE Use Groomer's Stone like a brush to remove shedding hair, dirt, burrs, mud, dander and bring out the oils on your dog's coat * Lightweight and Safe for all ages * Actually massages dog as it cleans * Removes all pet hair from furniture, clothing, car seats, etc. * Good for the environment because it's made out of foamed recycled glass * Unlike natural rock, there are no pathogens...they've been sterilized * Calms "nervous" dogs during grooming * Does not dig into dog's sensitive skin * Leaves coat soft and sleek * Groomer's Stones are hypoallergenic * Lasts longer than any stripping stone * Works on all show animals, too * Easy to clean by rubbing on rough surface or another Groomer's Stone to expose new layer of pores * Makes a great gift for the dog that has everything